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The Chaney Goodman Schwerner Justice Coalition, a teaming of the James Early Chaney Foundation and the families of James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner began organizing Freedom Rides to celebrate the memory of the slain civil rights workers in June 1984.  As a result of the success of this initial effort, Freedom Rides were held in every 5 years in June 1989 (30th anniversary), June 1994 and June 1999.  


For Freedom Rides 1999, the Chaney Goodman Schwerner Justice Coalition was joined by the following individuals and groups:


Honorable Julian Bond, Chairman of the Board of Directors - National Association for the Advancement of Colored People


Rabbi David Saperstein, Director - Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism


      Rev. Wyatt Tee Walker -Canaan Baptist Church of Christ

      Stanley Sheinbaum - Publisher

      Bob Schwartz, Executive Director -Disarm Educational Fund

      Marshall England, Chair - Commission on Public Health, N.Y.C.

      Jules Feiffer - Cartoonist

      Ron DiNicola - Attorney

      Honorable James Evans - Mississippi State Legislator

      Robert L. Carter, Ph.D - Hunter College, N.Y.

      Dr. Ernestine Madison - Washington State University

      Roy Schieder - Actor

      Robert Van Lieiop - Attorney

      Honorable Roger Green - New York State Assemblyman

      Katherine M. Flaherty, Pres.- League of Women Voters of the City of N.Y.

      Alan Respler, Exec. Dir. - Jewish Community Relations Council of  S. N.J. 

      Burke Marshall - Attorney

      Leonard Burton - Detroit Lions 1986-1995

      Curry First - Attorney

      Conn Nugent, Executive Director - Citizen Union of the City of NY

      Olga Gomez, Executive Director - Coalition of Ethnic Americans

      Micki Dickoff, Filmmaker -  Pro Bono Productions

      Honorable Richard N. Gottfried - New York State Assemblyman  

       Rabbi Burt Visotsky - Jewish Theological Seminary

      Piper Laurie - Actress

      Ossie Davis - Actor

      Abdeen Jabara -Attorney

      Meyer Chambers, Dir. - Office of Black Catholics, Boston

      George Jackson -  Entertainment Executive

      Gregory Hines - Performer

      Paul A. Kurzman, Ph.D. - Hunter College, N.Y.    

      Gordon Hirabayashi, Ph.D.

      Lynne Thigpen - Actor

      Dr. David Altshuler, Dir. - Museum of Jewish Heritage

      Honorable C. Virginia Fields - Manhattan Borough President

      Honorable Philip Reed - New York City Councilman

      Preston Wilcox, President -  AFRAM

      Dr. Carolyn Goodman

      Honorable Mark Green - New York City Advocate

      Norman Hill, President - A. Phillip Randolph Institute

      Marlene Provizer, Executive Director - Jewish Fund for Justice

      Honorable Scott M. Stringer - New York State Assemblyman

      Honorable Ralph David Fertig - Federal Judge

      Honorable Ralph McCloud - City Council, Ft. Worth, Texas



      Honorable Paul D. Wellstone - Senator (MN)

      Honorable Patrick Moynihan - Senator (NY)

      Honorable Carl M. Levin -  Senator (MI)

      Honorable Joseph I. Lieberman - Senator (CT)

      Honorable Frank R. Lautenberg - Senator (NJ)

      Honorable Charles E. Schumer - Senator (NY)

      Honorable Bob Filner - House of Representatives (CA) 

      Honorable John Lewis - House of Representatives (GA)

      Honorable Bennie Thompson - House of Representatives (MS)

      Honorable Charles Rangel - House of Representatives (NY)

      Honorable Jerrold Nadler - House of Representatives (NY)

      Honorable John Conyers, Jr. - House of Representatives (MI)

      Honorable Jesse Jackson, Jr. - House of Representatives (IL)


     Coalition of Ethnic Americans

      TEENS Democracy Project

      Youth Task Force

      African-American Alliance

      Malcolm X Center for Self-determination    

      Womens International League for Peace and Freedom

      Disarm Educational Fund

      Union of American Hebrew Congregations

      21st Century Youth Leadership Movement

      Citizen Union of the City of NY

      Philadelphia, MS NAACP


      Meridian, MS NAACP

      Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

      National Civil Rights Coordinating Committee

      Members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority

      Rap Coalition

      Rock The Vote

      Lights in Action

      The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding

      Race Against Racism

      Fellowship of Reconsideration




Freedom Summer 1994: aProject of the Andrew Goodman Foundation


Dr. Carolyn Goodman


Honorary Chair

Harry Belafonte


Executive Director

Kath Delaney


Executive Producer

Stuart Sender


Organizing Director

Eli Lee



Lisa Sullivan, Black Student leadership Network

Nicholas Butterworth, Rock the Vote

Miya Yoshitani, Student Environmental Action Coalition

Deepak Pateriya, United States Student Association

Taylor Root, Youth Action


Advisory Committee

Bill Batson

John Beilenson

Prof. Derrick Bell

Julie Bergman

Ashley Black

Julian Bond

Anne Braden

Angela Brown

Prof. Robert s. Browne

Dean Haywood Burns

Chas carner

Ben Chaney

Steve Chiefetz

Arn chorn-Pond

Robert Coles, M.D.

Matthew Countryman

Carolyn Craven

Ossie Davis

James Day

Ruby Dee

Joyce Deep

Helen Denham

Christina Desser

Hon. David Dinkins

Marian Wright Edelman

James Farmer

Lisa Farulo-Peltier

Cong. Bob Filner

Carl Freed

William H. Gray, III

Barbara Grob


Aaron E. Henry

Stanley Hill

Rev. Jesse Jackson

Matt Jones

Hon. Barbara Jordan

Pres. Shirley Strum Kenny

Mary E. King

Al Levin

Cong. John Lewis

Eric Love

Sen. Howard Metzenbaum

Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe

Alvin Poussaint, M.D.

Cong. Charles Rangel

Rachel Richman

Dennis Rivera

Phil Alden Robinson

Peggy Saika

Rabbi David Saperstein

Tony Seton

Dr. Jean Sindab

Karen Stults

Piri Thomas

Judith Thompson

Michelle Vignola

Rebecca Walker

Sen. Harris Wofford

Maura Wolf

Andrew Young

Leonard Zakim






Ben Chaney                      Carolyn Goodman                      Nathan Schwerner



Betty Adams

Julian Bond

Rabbi Balfour Brickner

David Dinkins

Hazel Dukes

Marian wright Edelman

James Farmer

Vartan Gregorian

Aaron Henry

Benjamin Hooks

Carole F. Hoover

Nicholas deB. Katzenbach

Rabbi Wolfe Kelman

Shirley Strum Kenny

Coretta Scott King

John Lewis

Joseph E. Lowery

Burke Marshall

Bishop Emerson Moore

Bishop Paul Moore Jr.

dean James Parke Morton

Joseph S. Murphy

Eleanor Holmes Norton

Joseph Papp

Martin Popper

Alvin F. Poussaint M.D.

Charles rangel

theodore Sorensen

Percy Sutton

Edith Tiger

Rev. wyatt Tee Walker

Lowell Weicker, Jr.

Ted Weiss

Lee White

Andrew Young




Honorary Chair

Haywood Burns


Dean, City University of New York Law School

at Queens College

John Brademus - President, New York University
Dr. H. Keith H. Brodie - President, Duke University
Dr. Roscoe Brown - President, Bronx Community College
Peter Diamandopoulos - President, Adelphi University
Frances Ferguson - President, Vassar College
Richard R. Green - Chancellor, New York City Board of Education
Shirley Strum Kenny - President, Queens College
Joseph S. Murphy - Chancellor, City University of New York
Earl S. Richardson - President, Morgan State University
Thomas Scanlan - President, Manhattan College
Michael L. Vover - President, Columbia University



Donate to the James Earl Chaney Foundation Now Through Network for GoodThe James Earl Chaney Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Human Rights & Civil Rights organization.  Contributions made payable to the James Earl Chaney Foundation are tax exempt.

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